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VOLUME 20 (1974) | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Chekanova L.A., Iskhakov R.S., Fish G.I., Khlebopros R.G., Chistyakov N.S., Phase transition from the amorphous to the polycrystalline state in ferromagnetic Co-P films 31  (73)
Mazets E.P., Golenetskii S.V., Il'inskii V.N., Gur'yan Yu.A., Kharitonova T.V., Investigations of diffuse cosmic γ radiation in the range 28keV-4.1 MeV 32  (77)
Vainshtein A.I., Khriplovich I.B., Weak-interaction neutral currents and the Josephson effect 34  (80)
Vekhter B.C., Polinger V.Z., Rozenfel'd Yu.B., Tsukerblat B.S., Bound states with Jahn-Teller impurity centers 36  (84)
Zakatov L.P., Plakhov A.G., Mechanism of plasma heating by an electron beam in a probkotron machine 37  (87)
Ivanov N.V., Kovan I.A., Svishchev V.S., Particle and energy balance in magnetosonic heating of a plasma in the TO-1 tokamak 39  (91)
El'yashevich M.A., Kruglov V.I., Khodyko Yu.V., Derivation of an equation of the Biberman-Holstein type for a nonequilibrium radiating diatomic gas 41  (95)
Belov K.P., Mill' B.V., Sokolov V.l., Shevaleevskii O.I., Antiferromagnetic resonance in the garnet Ca3Fe2Ge3O12 42  (98)
Balkarei Yu.l., Chenskii E.V., Ferromagnetic semiconductor near the Curie temperature as a disordered medium 43  (101)
Brandt N.B., Kuz'min R.N., Snigirev V.G., Anomalous behavior of the Mbssbauer-effect probability in tin-based alloys 45  (104)
Velikhov E.P., Muratov E.A., Pis'mennyi V.D., Prokhorov A.M., Rakhimov A.T., Atmospheric-pressure CO2 laser with nonautonomous discharge controlled by ultraviolet radiation 47  (108)
Bobovich Ya.S., Bortkevich A.V., Tsenter M.Ya., Effect of powerful resonant radiation field on degenerate vibrations in polyatomic molecules 48  (111)
Boiko V.A., Krokhin O.N., Pikuz S.A., Faenov A.Ya., Observation of plasma satellites of x-ray lines of multiply charged ions and measurement of the density \sim 10^{23} in conical cumulation of a laser plasma 50  (115)
Bruckner F., Dneprovskii V.S., Zakharov S.M., Koshchug D.G., Manykin E.A., Khattatov V.U., Measurement of the intraband relaxation time of electrons in a semiconductor 51  (119)
Basov N.G., Danilychev V.A., Dolgikh V.A., Kerimov O.M., Dobanov A.N., Suchkov A.F., Ultraviolet high-pressure laser using an Ar + N2 mixture 53  (124)
Lisovskii F.V., Shapovalov V.I., Noncollinearity of sublattices and existence of a domain structure in Dy3Fe5O12 near the magnetic-compensation point in strong magnetization fields 55  (128)
Seregin P.P., Kryl'nikov Yu.V., Nasrebinov F.S., Vasil'ev L.N., Sagatov M.A., Turaev E.Yu., Investigation of the influence of a crystal-to-glass transition on the local structure of a semiconductor by the Mossbauer effect on the nuclei 125Te, 127I, and 129I (129mTe) 57  (132)
Ritus V.I., Diagonality of the electron mass operators in a constant field 58  (135)
Kaganov M.I., Nedorezov S.S., Concerning the article "Anomalies of the electronic magnetic susceptibility of plates" 60  (139)
Kopvillem U.Kh., Nagibarov V.P., Pirozhkov V.A., Samartsev V.V., Usmanov R.G., Investigation of the mechanism of broadening of resonance lines in ruby by the photon echo method 60  (139)
Zakharov V.I., Nikolaev N.N., Possibility of antiscreening effect in the scattering of high-energy leptons by nuclei 62  (144)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.