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VOLUME 20 (1974) | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Indykul V.P. , Panchenko I.P. , Shapiro V.D., Shevchenko V.I., Theory of resonant ion acceleration by a strong-current relativistic beam 65  (153)
Fedorchenko V.D., Mazalov Yu.P., Bakai A.S., Rutkevich B.N., Effect of resonant-particle distribution on the dispersion of Bernstein-Green-Kruskal waves 67  (159)
Zharkov G.F., Sobyanin A.A., Certain singularities of the thermocirculation effect in superconductors and in a superfluid liquid 69  (163)
Zubov B.V., Kalinushkin V.P., Krynetskii B.B., Mishin V.A., Murina T.M., Prokhorov A.M., Light scattering in n-Ge following bulk excitation of nonequilibrium carriers 71  (167)
Ivanov B.I., One possibility of producing large-current ion beams 72  (170)
Anisimov S.I., Inogamov N.A., Development of instability and loss of symmetry following isentropic compression of a spherical drop 74  (174)
Novikov L.N., Malyshev L.G., Optically induced parametric resonance 75  (177)
Lysenko V.G., Revenko V.I., Tratas T.G., Timofeev V.B., Radiative recombination under conditions of screening of the Coulomb interaction in CdS crystals 77  (180)
Turchinskaya M.I., Roitburd A.L., Pinning and plastic deformation of vortex lattice in type-II superconductors 79  (185)
Sakharov A.D., Scalar-tensor theory of gravitation 81  (189)
Belov K.P., Koroleva L.I., Batorova S.D., Shalimova M.A., Kalinnikov V.T., Aminov T.G., Shabunina G.G., Shapsheva N.P., Anomalies of the photoconductivity in the region of the Curie point of the compound CdCr2Se4 weakly doped with gallium 82  (191)
Kolyada Yu.E., Kornilov E.A., Famberg Ya.B., Kiyashko V.A., Influence of transverse velocity component of a strong-current high-energy electron beam on its interaction with a plasma in a magnetic field of mirror configuration 84  (195)
Andreev I.V., Estimate of cross sections on nuclei at extremely high energies in a model with a logarithmically increasing scattering phase shift 85  (199)
Nikolaev N.N., Production of hadrons with large transverse momenta in deep inelastic lepton scattering 87  (202)
Fiks V.B., One possibility of measuring the lifetimes of short-lived atomic nuclei 89  (206)
Galaktionov Yu.V., Lyubimov V.A., Tsvetkova T.N., Analysis of energy dependence of the total cross sections of neutron interaction with nuclei in the energy interval 28-54 GeV 91  (210)
Zel'dovich Ya.B., Bogdanova L.N., Shapiro I.S., N\bar{N} interaction and separation of matter and antimatter in the universe 93  (214)
Bogdanova L.N., Shapiro I.S., N\bar{N} interaction and separation of matter and antimatter in the universe 94  (217)
Zhagrov E.A., Nemilov Yu.A., Nikolaev V.A., Selitskii Yu.A., Tsipenyuk Yu.M., Asymmetry and anisotropy in the photofission of radium-226 near threshold 95  (220)
Ginzburg V.L., Zharkov G.F., Sobyanin A.A., Thermoelectric phenomena in superconductors and thermomechanical circulation effect in a superfluid liquid 97  (223)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.