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VOLUME 20 (1974) | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Getmantsev G.G., Zuikov N.A., Kotik D.S., Mironenko L.F., Mityakov N.A., Rapoport V.O., Sazonov Yu.A., Trakhtengerts V.Yu., Eidman V.Ya., Combination frequencies in the interaction between high-power short-wave radiation and ionospheric plasma 101  (229)
Odintsov A.I., Yakunin V.P., Coherent-interaction effects in the amplification of short optical pulses in neon 102  (233)
Derkachenko V.N., Kadomtseva A.M., Timofeeva V.A., Khokhlov V.A., Temperature hysteresis of the magnetization in orthoferrites at the compensation point 104  (236)
Krokhin O.N., Mikhailov Yu.A., Pustovalov V.V., Rupasov A.A., Silin V.P., Sklizkov G.V., Shikanov A.S., Anisotropy of x rays from a laser plasma 105  (239)
Gaidash V.A., Kirillov G.A., Kormer S.B., Lapin S.G., Shemyakin V.I., Shurygin V.K., C3F7I laser installation with radiation energy 20 J and pulse duration 3.0 nsec 107  (243)
Altukhov A.A. , Zavaritskii N.V. , Thermoelectric power in high-purity tin 108  (247)
Klimkin V.M., Monastyrev S.S., Prokop'ev V.E., Selective relaxation of long-lived states of metal atoms in a gas-discharge plasma. Stationary generation of 1P10-0D2 transitions of calcium and strontium 110  (251)
Galkin A.A., Zavadskii E.A., Smirnov V.M., Val'kov V.I., Observation of ferromagnetic state in antiferromagnetic alloys of the Mn1-xFexAs system 111  (253)
Maev R.G., Pado G.S., Poluektov I.A., Pustovoit V.I., Possibility of focusing and self-focusing of light beams in a semiconductor by varying the electron component of its dielectric constant 113  (256)
Galanin M.D., Demchuk M.I., Khan-Magometova Sh.D., Chernyavskii A.F., Chizhikova Z.A., Exciton luminescence damping time in an anthracene crystal at 4.2 °K 115  (260)
Akhmanov S.A., Dubovik A.N., Saltiel S.M., Tomov I.V., Tunkin V.G., Nonlinear optical effects of fourth order in the field in a lithium formiate crystal 117  (264)
Dukovskoi E.A., Ponomarev A.N., Silin A.A., Tal'roze V.L., Anomalously low friction of an electron bombarded surface of molybdenum disulfide 119  (268)
Ivanov D.Yu., Makarevich L.A., Sokolova O.N., Shape of the coexistence curve of pure matter near the critical point 121  (272)
Askar'yan G.A., Tarasova N.M., Passage of accelerated particles and quanta through a medium along a reduced-density channel produced by a laser beam 123  (277)
Levintov I.I. , Dynamic model of amplitude with spin flip 125  (281)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.