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VOLUME 20 (1974) | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Zheludev I.S., Perekalina T.M., Smirnovskaya E.M., Fonton S.S., Yarmukhamedov Yu.N., Magnetic properties of nickel-iodine boracite 129  (289)
Bagaev S.N., Baklanov E.V., Titov E.A., Chebotaev V.P., Reproducibility of the frequency of an He-Ne laser with a methane absorbing cell 130  (292)
Peka G.P., Brodovoi V.A., Derikot N.Z., Pozharov V.P., Inverted population and stimulated superradiance in breakdown switching 132  (297)
Brodin M.S., Goer D.B., Matsko M.G., Singularity of polariton radiation of ZnTe crystals at high excitation levels 134  (300)
Bykovskii Yu.A., Dudoladov A.G., Kozlenkov V.P., Leont'ev P.A., Oriented crystallization of thin films that are obtained with the aid of a laser 135  (304)
Krinchik G.S., Zubov V.E., Magnetooptical properties of weak ferromagnets 137  (307)
Trunov V.A., Egorov A.I., Dmitriev R.P., Ul'yanov V.A., Kravtsova M.E., Investigation of metamagnetic transition in FeCl2 with polarized neutrons in a wide temperature range 139  (312)
Alekseev V.A., Andreeva T.L., Possible use of an absorbing cell to analyze the spectrum of scattered light 140  (316)
Kurtenok L.F., Ryabchenko S.M., Sarbei O.G., S-shaped current-voltage characteristic of n-Si in strong magnetic fields 142  (319)
Smolenskii G.A., Trepakov V.A., Krainik N.N., Light scattering in lead magnesium niobate in the temperature region of smeared ferroelectric phase transition 143  (322)
Suvorov E.V. , Polovinkina V.I. , Experimental observation of diffraction focusing of x rays 145  (326)
Aronov A.G., Gurevich V.L., Possibility of existence of electronic sound waves in superconductors 147  (329)
Askar'yan G.A., Namiot V.A., Compression and focusing of a neutron gas by moving the moderator 148  (332)
Veselago V.G., Damaskin I.A., Pyshkin S.L., Radautsan S.I., Tezlevan V.E., Luminescence of the ferromagnetic semiconductor CdCr2Se4 149  (335)
Zel'dovich Ya.B., Singularities of vacuum decay and remarks on tachyons 151  (338)
Belyakov A.V., Dal'karov O.D., Orlov Yu.V., Annihilation of \bar{p} in tritium and bound states in the \bar{p} n system 153  (341)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.