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VOLUME 20 (1974) | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Labushkin V.G., Ivanov S.N., Chechin G.V., Experimental observation of the birefringence of Mossbauer radiation in an antiferromagnetic hematite crystal 157  (349)
Mikhailov A.S., Light scattering by parametrically excited spin waves 158  (353)
Pustovalov V.V., Romanov A.B., Silin V.P., Tikhonchuk V.T., Relaxation oscillations of parametric turbulence 160  (356)
Ioffe B.L., Estimate of the initial volume and multiplicity in the statistical theory of multiple production at high energies 162  (360)
Osip'yan Yu.A., Petrenko V.F., Shikhsaidov M.Sh., Impurity photoplastic effect (PPE) in ZnSrAI single crystals 163  (363)
Degtyarev L.M., Zakharov V.E., Dipole character of the collapse of Langmuir waves 164  (365)
Belousova O.N., Bovina L.A., Ponomarev Ya.G., Savchenko Yu.N., Stafeev V.I., Properties of semiconducting CdxHg1-xTe solid solutions under pressure 166  (370)
Silin V.P., Solontsov A.Z., High-frequency spin-wave spectrum in ferromagnets 168  (375)
Anisimov M.A., Evtyushenkov A.M., Kiyachenko Yu.F., Yudin I.K., Experimental investigation of the correlation function near the critical point 170  (378)
Batdalov A.B., Tamarchenko V.I., Shalyt S.S., Manifestation of hydrodynamic effect in the thermal conductivity of tungsten 171  (382)
Larkin A.I., Mel'nikov V.I., Contribution of paramagnons to the free energy of He3 173  (386)
Oelgart G., Edel'man V.S., Cyclotron waves in semiconducting Bi-Sb alloys 175  (389)
Zav'yalov V.V., Bogomolov G.D., Frequency beats between orthogonal polarizations in a water-vapor laser 176  (393)
Gitis M.B., Magnetoelastic resonance in single-crystal Fe + 3 178  (396)
Burma N.G., Bezuglyi P.A., Kabanov A.E., Dispersion of transverse-sound velocity in gallium in strong transverse magnetic fields 180  (400)
Topnikov V.N., Shchegolev I.F., Low-temperature phase transition in the Qn(TCIMQ)2 complex 182  (404)
Dovbysh L.E., Zavada N.I., Kazakevich A.T., Karpikov A.A., Mel'nikov, Podmoshenskii I.V., Sinyanskii A.A., Radiation-chemical laser using SF6 + H2 and CCl2F2 + H2 mixtures at pressures up to 3 atm 183  (407)
Batanov V.A., Gochelashvili K.S., Ershov B.V., Malkov A.N., Kolisnichenko P.I., Prokhorov A.M., Fedorov V.B., Effect of generation of hard x rays of microsecond duration on a target to Q switching of a laser by a plasma mirror 185  (411)
Al'tshuler T.S., Zaripov M.M., Kukovitskii E.F., Khaimovich E.P., Kharakhash'yan E.G., "Electronic bottleneck effect" in Cu:Er system 187  (416)
Khodel' V.A., Collective quantum Hamiltonian in the model with variable moment of inertia 188  (419)
Baryshevskii V.G., Rotation of the spin of particles in optically active media 190  (423)
Konoplich R.V., Nikolaev N.N., Estimate of the lower bound of the cross section for the production of supercharged hadrons in strong interactions 192  (426)
Polyakov A.M., Particle spectrum in quantum field theory 194  (430)
Likhoded A.K., Tolstenkov A.N., Transverse scaling at low energies 195  (433)
Reznikov V.G., Erratum: Anomalous change of Young's modulus in superplasticity [JETP Lett. 19, 163 (1974)] 197  (437)
Popovichev V.I., Ragul'skii V.V., Faizullov F.S., Erratum: Stimulated Mandel'shtam-Brillouin scattering excited by radiation with a broad spectrum [JETP Lett. 19, 196 (1974)] 197  (437)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.