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VOLUME 20 (1974) | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Gol'danskii V.I., Karyagin S.V., Namiot V.A., Erratum: Cancellation of inhomogenous chemical shift of Mossbauer line [JETP Lett. 19, 324 (1974)] 270  ()
Vas'kov V.V., Gurevich A.V., Stratification of ionospheric plasma in the region of reflection of the ordinary radio wave 241  (529)
Poluektov I.A., Popov Yu.M., Roitberg V.S., Coherent propagation of high-power light pulses through a medium under conditions of two-quantum interaction 243  (533)
Atanesyan V.G., Karmenyan K.V., Sarkisyan S.A., Widely tunable radiation source based on second harmonic generation in lithium iodate 244  (537)
Vereshchagin L.F., Yakovlev E.N., Vinogradov B.V., Sakun V.P., Transitions of AI2O3, NaCI, and S into the conducting state 246  (540)
Litvak A.G., Trakhtengerts V.Yu., Fedoseeva T.N., Fraiman G.M., Dynamic turbulence regimes of plasma oscillations 248  (544)
Malinovskii L.L., High-frequency behavior of the amplitude of a nonstationary Josephson current 250  (548)
Distler G.I., Moskvin V.V., Ordered distribution of point defects in alkali-halide crystals 251  (551)
Tulin V.A., Effect of microwave irradiation on the current-voltage characteristics of thin-film superconducting tunnel junctions 252  (554)
Gurevich I.I., Klimov A.I., Maiorov V.N., Meleshko E.A., Nikol'skii B.A., Pirogov A.V., Selivanov V.I., Suetin V.A., Dependence of the μ+ meson precession frequency in ferromagnets on the intensity of the external magnetic field 254  (558)
Pavlovskii A.I., Druzhinin V.V., Tatsenko O.M., Pisarev R.V., Faraday effect in antiferromagnetic NiO in a strong magnetic field 256  (561)
Khadzhi P.I., Moskalenko S.A., Singularities of absorption and luminescence bands of free many-exciton complexes 258  (566)
Bednarchuk D.I., Novoseletskii N.E., Filonenko V.V., Stimulated emission in electroluminescent CdF2 :TR3+ films 259  (568)
Gor'kov L.P., Singularities of the electronic spectrum of compounds with β-W structure 260  (571)
Baryshevskii V.G., Possibility of observing neutron spin precession in an antiferromagnet 262  (575)
Pisarenko V.F., Suyatin B.D., Sensitization of luminescence of trivalent rare-earth ions (TR3+) by Eu2+ ions in NaBr crystals 264  (578)
Oganesyan Yu.Ts., Tret'yakov Yu.P., M'inov A.S., Demin A.G., A.A. Pleve A.A., Tret'yakova S.P., Plotko V.M., Ivanov M.P., Danilov N.A., Korotkin Yu.S., Flerov G.N., Synthesis of neutron-deficient isotopes of fermium, kurchatovium, and element 106 265  (580)
Aref'ev A.V., Bayukov Yu.D., Gavrilov V.B., Efremenko V.I., Zartsev Yu.M., Leksin G.A., Suchkov D.A., Spectra of protons emitted in the back hemisphere upon disintegration of C12 by 3.7 GeV/c π- - mesons 267  (585)
Shoikhet V.Kh., Production of hadrons with large transverse momenta in the fragmentation region 268  (588)
Levinson I.B., Rashba E.I., Erratum: Nonlinear polarization interaction of electrons with short-wave phonons [JETP Lett. 20, 27 (1974)] 270  (594)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.