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VOLUME 20 (1974) | ISSUE 10 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Ilisavskii Yu.V., Yakhkind E.Z., Effect of nonlinear multipassage "nondamping" of sound 295  (641)
Samartsev V.V., Smolyakov B.P., Sharipov R.Z., Acoustic self-induced transparency in LiNbO3 :Fe2+ 296  (644)
Popova S.V., Fomicheva L.N., Pal'nikov N.I., Superconductivity of Nb-Ru alloys synthesized at high pressure 298  (648)
Nagaev E.L., Grigin A.P., Cooperative phenomena in the interaction between electrons via real bosons 299  (650)
Korsunskii M.I., Volchek A.D., Smurygin V.M., New anomalous photoconductors 301  (654)
Ginzburg V.L., Zharkov G.F., Thermoelectric effect in anisotropic superconductors 302  (658)
Belov K.P., Vasil'kovskii V.A., Kovtun N.M., Kupriyanov A.K., Nikitin S.A., Discontinuity of the hyperfine field at Co59 nuclei in intermetallic compounds with gadolinium 304  (662)
Leontovich A.M., Mozharovskii A.M., Coherent amplification of light in ruby at 105° K 305  (664)
Gordyunin S.A., Gor'kov L.P., Spectra of IV-VI semiconductors 307  (668)
Geshkenbein B.V., Possible experimental verification of microcausality in electroproduction 309  (671)
Golovanova N.F., Il'in I.M., Neudachin V.G., Smirnov Yu.F., Quasielastic knockout of clusters from atomic nuclei in the theory of multiple scattering 310  (674)
Vasil'kova A.D., Gornov M.G., Korotkikh V.L., Lapushkin S.V., Ponosov A.K., Protasov V.P., Sergeev F.M., Production of ρ- mesons on nuclei by 3.9-GeV/c π- mesons and cross section of ρ- N interaction 311  (676)
Aref'eva I.Ya., Korepin V.E., Scattering in two-dimensional model with Lagrangian L = (1/\gamma)[(1/2)(\partial_\mu u)^2 +m^2 (\cos u-1)] 312  (680)
Konopel'chenko B.C., O'Raifeartaigh theorem for groups containing spinor generators 314  (684)
Khriplovich I.B., Feasibility of observing parity nonconservation in atomic transitions 315  (686)
Mokeeva V.A., Izmest'ev I.V., Kyuntsel' I .A., Soifer G.B., Erratum: Critical exponents for spectral and relaxation parameters of NQR in a phase transition in a molecular crystal [JETP Lett. 19, No. 9, 302-303 (May 5, 1974)] 317  (692)
Kagan Yu., Flerov V.N., Erratum: Manifestation of dragging effect in transverse magnetoresistance [JETP Lett. 20, No. 3, 284 (Novembers, 1974)] 317  (692)
Sakharov A.D., Erratum: Scalar-tensor theory of gravitation [JETP Lett. 20, No. 3, 81-82 (August 5, 1974)] 317  (692)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.