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VOLUME 20 (1974) | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Morgulis N.D., Przhonskii A.M., Ionic composition in a potassium-nitrogen discharge plasma 321  (693)
Belenov E.M., Danileiko M.V., Kozubovskii V.R., Nedavnii A.P., Shpak M.T., Spectroscopy within the Doppler line with the aid of a ring laser 322  (696)
Gulyaev Yu.V., Kmita A.M., Medved' A.V., Fedorets V.N., Influence of transverse carrier drift on acoustoelectronic interaction in a layered piezodielectric-semiconductor structure 324  (700)
Bozhko V.I., Vol'skii E.P., Temperature-dependent magnetic breakdown in aluminum 325  (703)
Vinogradova A.B., Garifullin I.A., Zamaleev L.G., Kozyrev B.M., Kharakhash'yan E.G., Cherkasov F.G., Electron paramagnetic resonance in frozen solutions of sodium in ammonia 327  (706)
Osip'yan Yu.A., Shevchenko S.A., Dislocation conductivity of germanium 328  (709)
Kiryukhin N.N., Lisovskii F.V., Skobelin G.V., Anomalous diffraction of light by spin waves 329  (712)
Kozlov N.P., Alekseev V.A., Protasov Yu.S., Rubinov A.N., High-power ultraviolet paraterphenyl-solution laser excited by the plasma focus of a magnetoplasma compressor 331  (716)
Kas'yanov Yu.S., Korobkin V.V., Pashinin P.P., Prokhorov A.M., Chevokin V.K., Shchelev M.Ya., Investigation of laser-plasma emission in the x-ray band 333  (719)
Shlyuger I.S., Certain results of investigations of nonlinear effects in the E layer of the ionosphere 334  (722)
Dunaev N.M., Zakharova M.I., Manifestation of the Fermi surface in phase transitions of metallic alloys 336  (726)
Likharev K.K., Isothermal domains in quasi-one-dimensional superconductors 338  (730)
Karamzin Yu.N., Sukhorukov A.P., Nonlinear interaction of diffracted light beams in a medium with quadratic nonlinearity: mutual focusing of beams and limitation on the efficiency of optical frequency converters 339  (734)
Akhiezer I.A., Syshchenko V.G., Chudnovskii E.M., Ferromagnetism of 3d metals 342  (739)
Gurevich G.M., Lazareva L.E., Mazur V.M., Solodukhov G.V., Total cross section for the absorption of γ quanta by Th232, U235, U238, and Pu239 in the region of dipole giant resonance 343  (741)
Erozolimskii B.C., Mostovoi Yu.A., Fedunin V.P., Frank A.I., Khakhan O.V., Continuation of the search for T-invariance violation in β decay of a free neutron 345  (745)
Kartamyshev A.A., Mikhin K.N., Romantseva A.S., Patarakin O.O., Sulkovskaya M.M., Sustavov A.F., Surkova L.V., Chernysheva L.A., Angular distributions of secondary pions in the reaction π- p → π- π+ n 346  (748)
Baz' A.I., Merkur'ev S.P., Concerning one analytic property of the amplitudes of reactions in which three particles are produced in the final state 348  (753)
Devyatko Yu.N., Urin M.G., Single-particle protons widths of isobaric analog resonances 349  (754)
Manaenkov S.I., Glauber approximation and the problem of diffraction minima 351  (758)
Baranov P.S., Fil'kov L.V., Shtarkov L.N., π0-meson pole in γ p scattering and proton polarizability 353  (762)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.