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VOLUME 23 (1976) | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Galkin A.A., Svistunov V.M., Revenko Yu.F., Mostovoi V.M., Belogolovskii M.A., Anomalous behavior of phonon spectrum near 2.5-order phase transition 167  (189)
Bogoslovskii G.Yu., Possibility of observing local anisotropy of space-time with the aid of the Doppler effect 170  (192)
Kuznetsov V.V., Nakoryakov V.E., Polusaev B.C., Shreiber I.R., Liquid with gas bubbles as an example of a Korteweg-de Vries-Burgers medium 172  (194)
Zhdanov D.P., Chibisov M.I., Bremsstrahlung of electrons from ions with allowance for screening 176  (199)
Gordeev G.P., Khaidarov T., Quasielastic scattering of neutrons in water 179  (202)
Bayanov V.P., Gulidov S.S., Mak A.A., Peregudov G.V., Sobel'man I.I., Starikov A.D., Chirkov V.A., Measurement of the spatial profile of the electron density in a magnesium laser plasma by determining the Stark broadening in the x-ray region of the spectrum 183  (206)
Larkin A.I., Ovchinnikov Yu.N., Viscosity of vortices in pure superconductors 187  (210)
Dolgopolov V.T., Murzin S.S., "Current" states in tin 190  (213)
Ambartsumyan R.V., Gorokhov Yu.A., Letokhov V.S., Makarov G.N., Puretskii A.A., Furzikov N.P., Selectivity of dissociation of polyatomic molecules in a two-frequency IR laser field 194  (217)
Sapershtein E.E., Tolokonnikov S.V., Fayans S.A., Khodel' V.A., Quantum capillary waves-collective excitations of a Fermi-liquid drop 197  (220)
Korepin V.E., Above-barrier soliton reflection 201  (224)
Abramovskii V.A., Magnitude of three-pomeron vertex 205  (228)
Azimov S.A., Igamberdyev K.R., Lutfullaev S.L., Usmanov T.M., Yuldashev A.A., Yuldashev B.S., Invariant effects in the reaction π C12 mp + X, m \geq 2, at 4 and 40 GeV/c 208  (231)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.