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VOLUME 23 (1976) | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Bondarenko V.S., Sobolev B.V., Bochkov B.C., Zuev V.E., Phonon echo using acoustic surface waves 285  (317)
Pokrovskii L.V., Fomichev S.V., Instability in parallel pumping in almost isotropic ferromagnets 287  (320)
Atsarkin V.A., Possibility of transition of paramagnetic crystals into the "spin glass phase" 290  (323)
Grishchuk L.P., Primordial gravitons and possibility of their observation 293  (326)
Prodnikov V.V., Teitel'baum G.B., Dynamic similarity at critical points of arbitrary order 296  (330)
Tkachenko V.K., Vortex statistics in rotation helium 299  (334)
Gaidukov Yu.P., Golyamina E.M., Singularities of Shubnikov-de Haas effect in thin antimony plates 301  (336)
Ginzburg S.L., Macroscopic similarity theory in the percolation problem 307  (342)
Gurevich I.I., Klimov A.I., Maiorov V.N., Nikol'skii B.A., Roganov V.S., Selivanov V.I., Suetin V.A., Observation of antiferromagnetic transitions by the μ+ meson method 310  (345)
Kopeliovich V.B., Multiple processes in proton production from nuclei in a region kinematically forbidden to NN interaction 313  (348)
Choban E.A., Shekhter V.M., Production of system in weak interactions with neutral currents 317  (352)
Mikhailov A.V., Integrability of the two-dimensional Thirring model 320  (356)
Kirzhnits D.A., Takibaev N.Zh., A new approach in the problem of three and more bodies 323  (359)
Lipmanov E.L., Concerning singly-charged dimuon events in neutrino experiments 327  (363)
Goldanskii V.I., Exotic nuclei with isospin T> A/2 and the radiative capture of pions 330  (366)
Voloshin M.B., Okun' L.B., Hydronic molecules and the charmonium atom 333  (369)
Grin' Yu.T., Leinson A.B., Quasiparticle excitations in high-frequency rotation of nuclei 336  (372)
Gershtein S.S., Khlopov M.Yu., Leptonic decays of heavy pseudoscalar mesons 338  (374)
Ostapenko N.I., Khotyaintseva G.Yu., Chernomorets M.P., Shpak M.T., Singularities of absorption spectra of directionally deformed naphthalene crystals 341  (377)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.