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VOLUME 23 (1976) | ISSUE 9 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Indenbom V.L., Suvorov E.V., Spectral resolution of x rays using diffraction focusing 441  (485)
Molchanov, Reznikov A.E., Modulation of low-frequency waves in the earth's magnetosphere 445  (489)
Agranovich V.M., Antonyuk V.P., Mal'shukov A.G., New mechanism of exciton self-localization in quasi-one-dimensional and quasi-two-dimensional semiconductors 448  (492)
Gol'danskii V.I., Namiot V.A., Excitation of isomeric nuclear levels by laser radiation via the mechanism of inverse interval electron conversion 451  (495)
Dokukin E.B., Kozlov Zh. A., Parfenov V.A., Puchkov A.V., Temperature dependence of the density of the Bose condensate in liquid 453  (497)
Berlizov A.B., Vasin N.L., Vinogradov V.P., Gorbunov E.P., Dnestrovskii Yu.N., Zaveryaev V.S., Izvozchikov A.B., Lysenko S.E., Notkin G.E., Petrov M.P., Popkov G.N., Razumova K.A., Strelkov V.S., Shcheglov D.A., First measurements of plasma parameters with the Tokamak-10 setup 457  (502)
Afanas'eva N.I., Burlakov V.M., Zhizhin G.N., Phonon spectrum in the vicinity of the phase transition from a crystal to a nematic liquid crystal, and the order parameter 461  (506)
Gromov S.N., Pasechnik L.L., Semenyuk V.F., Spatial localization of intense high-frequency fields in a plasma that is parametrically unstable in the lower hybrid resonance region 464  (509)
Chakal'skii B.K., Azhazha V.M., Red'ko N.A., Shalyt S.S., Thermal conductivity of vanadium at low temperatures 468  (513)
Landau I.L., Singularities of the superconducting transition during the destruction of superconductivity of a hollow cylindrical sample by a current 471  (516)
Anzina L.V., Veselago V.G., Rudov S.G., Effect of light on the hysteresis loop of the magnetic semiconductor CdCr2Se4 474  (520)
Verkhovskaya K.A., Lobachev A.N., Popov B.N., Popolitov V.I., Peskin V.F., Fridkin V.M., The anomalously large photovoltage effect in antimony orthoniobate 476  (522)
Volodin A.P., Khaikin M.S., Edel'man V.S., Surface electronic states above a helium film 478  (524)
Bogomolov V.N., Lutsenko E.L., Petranovskii V.P., Kholodkevich S.V., Absorption spectra of three-dimensionally-ordered system of 12-Å particles 482  (528)
Krive I.V., Chudnovskii E.M., Fermion-density phase transitions in models with continuous breaking of the gauge and chiral symmetry groups 485  (531)
Buttsev V.S., Ganzorig Z., Kozokar V., Krogulski T., Ortlepp H.-G., Polikanov S.M., Sabirov B.M., Fromm W.D., Schmidt U., Chulthem D., Intensity of mesic x-ray transitions in lead, thorium, and uranium 488  (534)
Verbitskii S.S., Ratner B.S., Sergievskii A.N., Intermediate structure and the cross section of the reaction Fe54(γ, n) for high-energy neutrons and their spectra 492  (538)
Krasnikov N.V., Kuz'min V.A., Tavkhelidze A.N., Chetyrkin K.G., Minimal generalization of the 5-quark model of Ψ particles 496  (543)
Potupa A.S., Skadorov V.V., Fridman A.S., New scaling in the pionization region of inclusive pp collision spectra at high energies 498  (546)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.