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VOLUME 23 (1976) | ISSUE 10 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Voloshin I.F., Medvedev S.V., Skobov V.G., Fisher L.M., Chernov A.S., Penetration of electromagnetic field through a metal plate in the case of diffuse electron reflection 507  (553)
Mirianashvili R.I., Nazarova O.V., Sanadze T.I., Determination of the sign of the components of the tensor of the ligand hyperfine interaction 510  (556)
Osipov V.V., "Drop formation" on heating of a gas of noninteracting excitons 512  (559)
Akhmanov S.A., Grishanin B.A., Coherent emission of characteristic lines on passage of charged particles through a single crystal 515  (562)
Bydin Yu.F., Godakov S.S., Excitation functions of the autoionization states 2s2p63s(1S) and 2s2p63s(3S) of Ne atoms colliding slowly with Na+ ions 518  (566)
Basov N.G., Galochkin V.T., OraevskiI A.N., Starodubtsev N.F., Singularities of the SF6 absorption spectrum at high IR intensities 521  (569)
Agekyan V.T., Complicated exciton-impurity complexes in tin dioxide 526  (574)
Betin A.A., Pasmanik G.A., Conservation of spatial coherence of Stokes beams amplified in a multimode pumping field 528  (577)
Bulaevskii L.N., Khomskii D.I., Three-dimensional order of charge-density waves in layered compounds 532  (581)
Ovchinnikov I.V., Bikchantaev I.G., Domracheva N.E., New type of ESR spectra in a partially-oriented matrix 535  (584)
Matinyan S.G., Sedrakyan A.G., Many-particle Regge poles 538  (588)
Azimov Ya.l., Frankfurt L.L., Khoze V.A., Quark structure and radiative decays of new particles 541  (591)
Kalmykov N.N., Khristiansen G.B., Violation of scaling in hadronic interactions at ultrahigh energies 544  (595)
Fadin V.S., Sherman V.E., Reggeization of the fermion in non-Abelian gauge theories 548  (599)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.