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VOLUME 18 (1973) | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Kolomenskii A. A. , Likhachev V. M. , Sinil'shchikova I . V., Smit O. A ., Features of the structure of a strong-current electron beam passing through a low-pressure gas 89  (153)
Zlenko A.A. , Prokhorov A. M., Sychugov V. A. , Thin-film layers with distributed amplitude modulated feedback 91  (156)
Gershenzon E. M., Gol'tsman G., Ptitsina N.G. , Energy spectrum of free excitons in germanium 93  (160)
Maiste A. A., Saar A.M.- E., Elango M. A., Radiative Decay of Exciton at the K edge of Li* in LiF 97  (167)
Varlamov V.V. , Ishkhanov B.S., Kapitonov I.M., Kocharova Zh.L., Piskarev I.M., Shevchenko O.P. , Spectrum of photoprotons from Mg26 99  (170)
Ganopol'skii E.M. , Resonant self-trapping of hypersound 100  (172)
Bobovich Ya. S. , Aleksandrov I.V., Maslov V. G. , Sidorov A.N., Selection rules for the line intensity and polarization in the spectra of resonant spontaneous Raman scattering (RSRS) 102  (175)
Gantmakher V. F., Zverev V.N., Quantum oscillations of the current in an electron-hole condensate in germaniun 105  (180)
Khodataev K. V. , Concenning one feature of the propagation of an electron beam in a gas 107  (184)
Kafiev Yu. N., Serebryakov V.V., 0bservation of A1 meson 109  (187)
Litvak A.G., Petrukhina V.I., Trakhtengerts V. Yu. , Contribution to the nonlinear theory of induced scattering of a monochromatic wave in a plasma 111  (190)
Stakhanov I . P. , Concerning the nature of ball lightning 114  (193)
Belenov E.M., Markin E.P., Oraevskii A. N. , Romanenko V.I., Isotope separation by infrared laser radiation 116  (196)
Bazdenkov S. V. , Gureev K.G., Filippov N.V., Filippova T.N., Possible mechanism of breaking the current sheath in a noncylindrical z-pinch 118  (199)
Gladun A.D., Ryzhyi V.I., Magneto-optical instability in semiconductors in crossed electric and magnetic fields 119  (202)
Matinyan S.G., Pirogov Yu.V., Ter-Isaakyan N. L ., Shakhnazaryan Yu. G., Emission of hard photons in e+e- annihilation into hadrons at high energies 122  (205)
Mikhailovskii A. B., Shafranov V. D., Hydromagnetic stability of stellarators of Spitzer's "figure-8" type at high plasma pressure 124  (208)
Kornienko L.S., Kravtsov N.V., Shevchenko A.K., Use of the Vavilov-Cerenkov effect to separate a difference frequency 125  (211)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.