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VOLUME 24 (1976) | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Fugol' I.Ya., Poltoratskii Yu.B., Savchenko E.V., Observation of an exciton luminescence of nitrogen crystals in the region of the vacuum ultraviolet 1  (3)
Klement'ev V.M., Matyugin Yu.A., Chebotaev V.P., Mixing of the frequencies 88.37 THz (λ = 3.39μ), 125.13 THz (λ = 2.39 μ), and 260.1 THz (λ = 1.15 μ) in a gas, and production of continuous coherent emission with combined frequency 473.6 THz (λ = 0.63 μ) 5  (8)
Oksengendler B.L., The inverson-a new type of defecton 9  (12)
Bogolyubskii I.L., Makhan'kov V.G., Lifetime of pulsating solitons in certain classical models 12  (15)
Arzhannikov A.V., Burdakov A.V., Koidan V.S., Ryutov D.D., Production of dense cloud of oscillating relativistic electrons 15  (19)
Afanas'ev Yu.V., Basov N.G., Volosevich P.P., Gamalii E.G., Krokhin O.N., Kurdyumov S.P., Levanov E.I., Rozanov V.B., Samarskii A.A., Tikhonov A.N., Extremal physical conditions in thermonuclear combustion initiated by a laser beam 18  (23)
Galeev A.A., Sagdeev R.Z., Shapiro V.D., Shevchenko V.I., Effect of acoustic turbulence on the collapse of Langmuir waves 21  (25)
Zel'dovich Ya.B., Charge asymmetry of the universe as a consequence of evaporation of black holes and of the asymmetry of the weak interaction 25  (29)
Afrosimov V.V., Gordeev Yu.S., Zinov'ev A.N., Rasulov D.Kh., Shergin A.P., Observation of Auger transitions in a quasimolecule 28  (33)
Aronov A.G. , Spin injection in metals and polarization of nuclei 32  (37)
Ezhov V.F., Ivanov S.N., Lobashev V.M., Nazarenko V.A., Porsev G.D., Serdyuk O.V., Serebrov A.P., Tal'daev R.R. , Adiabatic method of separated oscillating fields 34  (39)
Mostovoi Yu.A., Frank A.I., Relations between the angular-correlation coefficients in neutron decay and verification of the V-A theory of beta decay 38  (43)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.