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VOLUME 24 (1976) | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Gnatenko Yu.P., Rozhko A.Kh., Structure of zero-phonon line of Jahn-Teller system for weak vibronic coupling with pseudolocal oscillations 107  (125)
Koshkin V.M., Yagubskii E.B., Mil'ner A.P., Zabrodskii Yu.R., New type of intercalated layered compounds 110  (129)
Kaplan A.E., Hysteresis reflection and refraction by a nonlinear boundary - a new class of effects in nonlinear optics 114  (132)
Berezov V.M., Korepanov V.D., Romanov V.S., Khabibullin B.M., Proton relaxation in a solid solution of sodium in ammonia 119  (138)
Manenkov A.A., Milyaev V.A., Mikhailova G.N., Seferov A.S., Observation and determination of the parameters of large electron-hole drops in germanium by means of microwave conductivity 122  (141)
Gershenzon E.M., Orlova S.L., Orlov L.A., Ptitsina N.G., Rabinovich R.I., Intervalley cyclotron-impurity resonance of electrons in n-Ge 125  (145)
Anzin V.B., Kosichkin Yu.V., Nadezhdinskii A.I., Change of the selection rules of tellurium photoluminescence at low temperatures 129  (148)
Vvedenskii V.L., Crystallization of laminated He3-He4 solutions 132  (152)
Lysenko V.G. , Revenko V.I., Timofeev V.B., Condensation of nonequilibrium electron-hole pairs near impurity centers in cadmium sulfide crystals 136  (157)
Vorob'eva I.V., Geguzin Ya.E., Oscillation of fast ions interacting with a thin amorphous dielectric film 140  (161)
Grazhulis V.A., Kveder V.V., Mukhina V.Yu., Osip'yan Yu.A., Investigation of high-frequency conductivity of dislocations in silicon 142  (164)
Dumesh B.S., NMR on Mn55 nuclei in easy-plane antiferromagnets MnCO3 and CsMnF3 in the millidegree temperature range 145  (167)
Kotyuzhanskii B.Ya., Prozorova L.A., Anisotropy of parametric excitation of magnons in antiferromagnetic CsMnF3 149  (171)
Velichkina T.S., Gurevich A.V., Chernevich T.G., Shustin O.A., Yakovlev I.A., Propagation of a coherent light beam through diffusing liquids and determination of the diffusion coefficient 152  (174)
Lipatov L.N., Calculation of the Gell-Mann-Low function in scalar theories with strong nonlinearity 157  (179)
Bogolyubskii I.L., Modified equation of a nonlinear string and inelastic interaction of solitons 160  (184)
Migdal A.B., Voskresenskii D.N., Popov V.S., Distribution of vacuum charge near supercharged nuclei 163  (186)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.