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VOLUME 24 (1976) | ISSUE 7 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Neizvestnyi I.G., Ovsyuk N.N., Sinyukov M.P., Multioscillation electroreflection spectra of germanium 359  (393)
Frankevich E.L., Pristupa A.I., Magnetic resonance of excited complexes with charge transfer revealed by fluorescence at room temperature 362  (397)
Bagraev N.T., Vlasenko L.S., Zhitnikov R.A., Influence of the depth of location of donor levels on the degree of optical orientation of 29Si nuclei in silicon 366  (401)
Krivoglaz M.A., Possible existence of thermodynamic-equilibrium heterogeneous states in metallic systems 368  (403)
Bazylev V.A., Glebov V.I., Denisov E.I., Zhevago N.K., Khlebnikov A.S., Cerenkov radiation as an intense x-ray source 371  (406)
Vdovin V.L., Rusanov V.D., Shapotkovskii N.V., Cyclotron absorption of fast magnetosonic waves in the TM-1-VCh tokamak in the presence of a small group of resonant ions 374  (410)
Dovgii Ya.O., Bilyi Y.M., Kozak A.M., Concerning one temperature anomaly in the spectra of layered impurity crystals CdBr2-I2 378  (414)
Aleksandrovskii N.E., Dobrovol'skii N.M., Tsebro V.I., Shamrai V.F., Structure and magnetic features of molybdenum triple sulfide Mo5GaS6 382  (417)
Voloshin I.F., Fisher L.M., Nonlinear effects in the vicinity of doppler-shifted cyclotron resonance of holes in cadmium 386  (422)
Gal'per A.M., Kirillov-Ugryumov V.G., Kurochkin A.V., Leikov N.G., Luchkov B.I., Yurkin Yu.T., Short-period pulsations of the flux of atmospheric gamma rays 390  (426)
Nikitin N.E., Lutskii V.N., Pinsker T.N., Elinson M.I., Determination of non-extremal sections of equal-energy surfaces of arbitrary energy in bismuth films 394  (430)
Dolgopolov V.T., Murzin S.S., Influence of an alternating field on the superconducting transition in tin 397  (434)
Kozlov V.A., Dakhno V.D., Conductivity of compensated semimetals with low carrier density in the case of phonon-phonon dragging 401  (437)
Zavoiskii E.K., Contactless method of observing superconductivity in inhomogeneous media 405  (441)
Volovik V.D., Zalyubovskii I.I., Kartashev V.M., Energy spectrum of muons in air showers at large zenith angles 407  (443)
Gedalin E.V., Fluctuations of the density of particles produced in the interactions of fast hadrons with nuclei 410  (447)
Urin M.G., Photoneutron reactions near the threshold and the optical model of the nucleus 412  (450)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.