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VOLUME 24 (1976) | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Longinov A.V., Tepanov K.N. , Concerning one possibility of plasma heating in a tokamak 419  (457)
Golosovskii I.V., Plakhii V.P., Smirnov O.P., Chernenkov Yu.P., Kovalev A.V., Bedrizova M.N., Magnetic ordering of Mn2+and Cr3+ ions in the garnet Mn3Cr2Ge3O12 423  (461)
Verkhovtseva E.T., Pogrebnyak P.S., Fogel' Ya.M., Concerning the possibility of radiative decay of the collective levels of the argon atom 425  (464)
Bunkin A.F., Ivanov S.G., Koroteev N.I., Observation of resonant interference of nonlinear optical susceptibilities of molecules in a solution 429  (468)
Abrikosov A.A., Influence of small magnetic impurity on the conductivity of a quasi-one-dimensional metal 433  (472)
Balykin V.I., Letokhov V.S., Mishin V.I., Semchishen V.A., Laser detection of low concentrations of uranium atoms produced in a chemical reaction 436  (475)
Arkatov Yu.M., Vatset P.I., Voloshchuk V.I., Gur'ev V.N., Zolenko V.A., Prokhorets I.M., Electric dipole and quadrupole cross sections for the reaction 4He(γ,n)3He 439  (478)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.