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VOLUME 24 (1976) | ISSUE 9 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Kiryukhin N.N., Lisovskii F.V. , Diffraction of light by parametric magnons 445  (485)
Medvedev V.K., Pogorelyi V.N., Yakuvchik A.I. , Interaction of adsorbed lanthanum atoms on the (112) face of a tungsten crystal 449  (489)
Terzic I., Ciric D., Perovic B., Structure of energy spectrum of Na+ ions scattered by a polycrystalline silver surface 451  (492)
Ivanov B.A., Kosevich A.M., Bound states of large number of magnons in a three-dimensional ferromagnet (magnons drops) 454  (495)
Saermark K. , Concerning the difference between the normal and anomalous skin effects 458  (499)
Sushkov O.P., Flambaum V.V., Khriplovich I.B., Parity nonconservation in strongly forbidden T1 transitions in thallium and lead 461  (502)
Bonch-Bruevich V.L., Possible new type of photoconductivity in disordered semiconductors with random fields 465  (507)
Edel'man V.S., Effective mass of electrons localized over the surface of liquid helium 468  (510)
Markova-Osorgina I.A., Shmurak S.Z., Charge exchange of hole centers in plastic deformation 472  (514)
Achasov N.N., Kozhevnikov A.A., Shestakov G.N., Concerning the possibility of explaining the Argonne experiment on the reaction π-p → ω n at 6 GeV/c as being due to two-reggeon exchanges 475  (517)
Gershtein S.S., Folomeshkin V.N., Charge asymmetry in neutrino experiments above the threshold of charmed-particle production 479  (521)
Esaulov A.S., Titov Yu.N., Electroproduction of pions at the threshold: determination of the pion radius and analysis of axial-vector form factor of the nucleon 482  (524)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.