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VOLUME 24 (1976) | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Kopylov A.A., Pikhtin A.N., Electron-phonon interaction on "shallow" donors in gallium phosphid 169  (193)
Pron'ko G.P., Stroganov Yu.G., New example of quantum-mechanical problem with hidden symmetry 171  (196)
Parail V.V. , Anomalous resistance in high-frequency heating of tokamak plasma 175  (199)
Bogolyubskii S.L., Gerasimov B.P., Liksonov V.l., Popov Yu.P., Rudakov L.l., Samarskii A.A., Smirnov V.P., Urutskoev L.l., Heating of thin foils by a large-current electron beam 178  (202)
Bogolyubskii S.L., Gerasimov B.P., Liksonov V.I., Mikhailov A.P., Popov Yu.P., Rudakov L.I., Samarskii A.A., Smirnov V.P., Thermonuclear-neutron yield from a plasma compressed by a shell 182  (206)
Andryushin E.A., Babichenko V.S., Keldysh L.V., Onishchenko T.A., Silin A.P., Electron-hole liquid in strongly anisotropic semiconductors and semimetal 185  (210)
Alekseev V.A., Ovcharenko V.G., Ryshkov Yu.F., Sadovskii M.V., Experimental proof of Anderson localization in liquid selenium 189  (214)
Vereshchagin L.F., Savitskii E.M., Evdokimova V.V., Novokshenov V. l., Petrenko V.G., Effect of high pressures and temperatures on the superconducting properties of the compound Nb3Ge with A-15 structure 193  (218)
Zhokhovskii M.K., Results of investigation of first-order phase transitions 194  (219)
Zhizhin G.N., Moskaleva M.A., Shomina E.V., Yakovlev V.A., Selective absorption of a surface electromagnetic wave propagating on a metal in the presence of a thin dielectric film 196  (221)
Astemirov T.A.. Bagaev V.S., Paduchikh L.l.D., Povarkov A.G., Dispersion of electron-hole droplets in Ge 200  (225)
Kazei Z.A., Mill' B.V., Sokolov V.I., Cooperative Jahn-Teller effect in the garnet Ca3Mn2Ge3O12 203  (229)
Borovik-Romanov A.S., Zhotikov V.G., Kreines N.M., Pankov A.A., Scattering of light by spin waves in antiferromagnetic CoCO3 207  (233)
Khokhlov A.F., Pavlov P.V., Ferromagnetism induced in silicon by radiation defects 211  (238)
Matinyan S.G., Sedrakyan A.G., Trajectories of many-particle Regge poles 214  (240)
Chkareuli Dzh.L., Weak interaction in the three-triplet model of integer-charge quarks 216  (243)
Kulish P.P., Nisimov E.R., Conservation law in the 4(cosφ-1)_2 quantum theory and in the massive thirring model 220  (247)
Demidov A.M., Govor L.I., De-excitation of 22+ levels in even-even nuclei with 60<A<150 and 190<A<220 223  (250)
Eletskii V.L., Popov V.S., Critical charge for anomalous nuclei 226  (253)
Basova E.S., Bondarenko A.I., Gulamov K.G., Gulyamov U.G., Nasyrov Sh.Z., Svechnikova L.N., Chernov G.M., Search for shock waves in nucleus-nucleus collisions 229  (257)
Abramov B.M., Dukhovskoi I.A., Kishkurno V.V., Kondratyuk L.A., Krutenkova A.P., Kulikov V.V., Radkevich I.A., Fedorets V.S., Measurement of the effect of photon screening in a deuteron in the pion double charge exchange reaction 233  (261)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.