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VOLUME 17 (1973) | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Kovtun N.M., Troitskii G.A., Khmara V.M., Chervonenkis A.Ya., Influence of the Ordering of Er Ions on Ions Sublattices in Erbium Orthoferrite 199  (277)
Zakatov L.P., Kingsep A.S., Plakhov A.G., Experimental Observation of Nonlinear Stabillization of the Instability of Electron Beams in a Plasma 201  (280)
Vystavkin A.N., Gubankov V.N., Kuz'min L.S., Likharev K.K., Migulin V.V., Spitsyn A.N., Observation of Anomalous Microwave Impedance of Superconducting Point Junctions 204  (284)
Oraevskii V.N., Romanyuk L.I., Svavil'nyi N.E., Ustalov V.V., Experimental Observation of the Effect of "Induced Transparency" of the Barrier to Electronic Plasma Waves in an Inhomogeneous Plasma 207  (288)
Keshishev K., Mezhov-Deglin L., Shal'nikov A., Concerning the "Hardness" of Crystalline Helium 212  (296)
Fedutin D.N., Termoelectric Properties of Quasi-one dimensional Platinum Complexes 214  (299)
Bykovskii Yu.A., Velichanskii V.L., Egorov V.K., Irshinskii A.L., Makovkin A.V., Maslov V.A., Optical Pumping of Cs133 Vapor by Injection-Laser Radiation 216  (302)
Aleksandrov I.V., Bobovich Ya.S., Naslov V.G., Sidorov A.N., Resonant Spectra of Spontaneous Raman Scattering (SpRS) of Anion Radical and Dianions in Solution 219  (306)
Luk'yanchikova N.B., Pekar' G.S., Hoang Mi Shin, Sheinkman M.K., Observation of Electroluminescence in a Heterostructure with an Insulator Through which a Space-charge-limited Current Flows 222  (309)
Kremlev M.G., Stability of Critical States in Type-II Superconductors 223  (312)
Gol'danskii V. I., Korytko L.A., Mossbauer Spectrum Asymmetry Resulting from Anisotropic Diffusion 227  (317)
Genkin G.M., Nonlinear Interaction of Electromagnetic and Acoustic Waves in III-V Semiconductors and the Possibility of Hypersound Seneration 230  (321)
Protogenov A.P., Sautkin V.E., Threshold Phenomena in Metals with Open Fermi Surfaces 233  (324)
Grishechkina S.P., Shotov A.P., Role of Light Holes in Recombination Radiation and Electric Conductivity of Pure InSb Crystals at Low Temperatures 236  (328)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.