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VOLUME 38 (1983) | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Danilov V. V., Tychinskii A. V., Magnetostatic echo in ferrite films 319  (269)
Alekseevskii N. E., Tikhonova N. A., Khlybov E. P., Change in the superconducting transition temperature in the Cu1.8-xNixMo6S8 system 322  (272)
Brandt N. B., Kuvshinnikov S. V., Ionov S. G., Pressure-induced change in the intercalation step in the graphite compound C16ICl 326  (275)
Sheinkman M. K., New explanation of recombination-stimulated phenomena in semiconductors 330  (278)
Kazei Z. A., Novak P., Sokolov V. I., Quasi-one-dimensional nature of magnetic ordering due to the cooperative Jahh-Teller effect in the garnet NaCa2 Cu2V3O12 (CuVG) 333  (281)
Kizel' V. A., Prokhorov V. V., Structure of blue phase of cholesteric liquid crystals 337  (283)
Travnikov V. V., Krivolapchuk B. B., Effect of the surface and size of specimens on polariton kinetics and polariton trapping 342  (287)
Chernov A. A., Kvlividze V. l., Dukova E. D., Bazhenov D. V., Phonon contribution to melting of thin films. NMR study of diphenyl 345  (290)
Gulamov K. G., Sadykov N. O., Factorization properties of the two-gluon exchange model 350  (294)
Abramov V. V., Baldin B. Yu., Buzulutskov A. F., Vrazhnov Yu. N., Glebov V. Yu., Dyshkant A. S., Evdokimov V. N., Efimov A. O., Zmushko V. V., Krinitsyn A. N., Kryshkin V. l., Kul'man N. Yu., Podstavkov V. M., Sulyaev R. M., Turchanovich L. K., A dependence of pair production of hadrons with large PT 352  (296)
Gendenshtein L. E., Derivation of exact spectra of the Schrodinger equation by means of supersymmetry 356  (299)
Emel'yanov V. M., Petrovskii S. V., Topological properties of a one-plaquette action and phase transitions in a lattice gauge theory 360  (302)
Zo In Ok, Nikolenko V. G., Popov A. B., Samosvat G. S., Observation of a spin-orbit splittinq of the 3p peak in the neutron strength function 363  (304)
Kurdadze L. M., Lel'chuk M. Yu., Root N. I., Sidorov V. A., Chilinqarov A. G., Shvartis B. A., Eidel'man S.I., Relative probabitity for the decay φ → ηγ 366  (306)
Kataev A. L., Pivovarov A. A., Perturbation-theory corrections to σtot (e+e- hadrons) in supersymmetry quantum chromodynamics 369  (309)
Karmanov V. A., Manifestation in the reaction ed enp of relailvistic effects in the deuteron 372  (311)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.