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VOLUME 101 (2015) | ISSUE 2 | PAGE 131
Temperature derivative of the chemical potential and its magnetooscillations in two-dimensional system
We report first thermodynamic measurements of the temperature derivative of chemical potential (\partial \mu/\partial T) in two-dimensional (2D) electron systems. In order to test the technique we have chosen Schottky gated GaAs/AlGaAs heterojunctions and detected experimentally in this 2D system quantum magnetooscillations of \partial \mu/\partial T. We also present a Lifshits-Kosevitch type theory for the \partial \mu/\partial T magnetooscillations in 2D systems and compare the theory with experimental data. The magnetic field dependence of the \partial \mu/\partial T value appears to be sensitive to the density of states shape of Landau levels. The data in low magnetic field domain demonstrate brilliant agreement with theory for non-interacting Fermi gas with Lorentzian Landau level shape.