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VOLUME 101 (2015) | ISSUE 5 | PAGE 390
Oscillations of magnetoresistance in a clean hollow cylinder with fluctuating radius
We consider magnetic oscillations of resistivity of a clean (mean free path l\gg R) hollow cylinder with fluctuating (with an amplitude of fluctuations \Delta R\ll\overline{R}) radius R, threaded by magnetic flux Φ. We demonstrate, that for weak fluctuations (\Delta R\ll p_{\text{F}}^{-1}) the oscillations have a standard period 0, characteristic for oscillations in a clean system, while for \Delta R\gg p_{\text{F}}^{-1} they become Φ0-periodic, which was expected only for dirty systems with l\ll R. The work is motivated by observation of predominantly Φ0-periodic magnetic oscillations in very clean Bismuth wires.