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VOLUME 103 | ISSUE 6 | PAGE 411
Flavor dependence of jet quenching in pp collisions and its effect on the RAA for heavy mesons
We study the flavor dependence of the medium modification factor Rpp for pp collisions for scenario with formation of a small-size quark-gluon plasma (QGP) for RHIC (\sqrt{s}=0.2 TeV) and LHC (\sqrt{s}=2.76 TeV) energies. We find that at p_T\sim 10 GeV the pion spectrum is suppressed by \sim 20{-}30 (25{-}35) for RHIC (LHC), for D (B) mesons the suppression effect is smaller by a factor of \sim 0.7{-}0.8 (0.5). The flavor hierarchy Rppπ<RppD<RppB is held at p_T\lesssim 20 GeV for RHIC and at p_T\lesssim 70 GeV for LHC. This gives a sizeable reduction of the heavy-to-light ratios of the nuclear modification factors RAA as compared to that in the standard scenario without the QGP production in pp collisions.