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VOLUME 106 (2017) | ISSUE 6 | PAGE 349
Slow quantum oscillations without fine-grained Fermi surface reconstruction in cuprate superconductors
The Fourier transform of the observed magnetic quantum oscillations (MQO) in YBa2Cu3O6+δ  high-temperature superconductors has a prominent low-frequency peak with two smaller neighbouring peaks. The separation and positions of these three peaks are almost independent of doping. This pattern has been explained previously by rather special, exquisitely detailed, Fermi-surface reconstruction. We propose that these MQO have a different origin, and their frequencies are related to the bilayer and inter-bilayer electron hopping rather than directly to the areas of tiny Fermi-surface pockets. Such so-called "slow oscillations" explain more naturally many features of the observed oscillations and allow us to estimate the inter-layer transfer integrals and in-plane Fermi momentum.