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VOLUME 106 | ISSUE 8 | PAGE 483
Neutron investigations of the magnetic properties of FexMn1-xS under pressure up to 4.2 GPa
FexMn1-xS belongs to the group of strong electron correlations compounds MnO. We present here experimental results for the antiferromagnetic iron-manganese sulfide system, based on X-ray and neutron diffraction studies. The neutron diffraction investigations were carried out at ambient conditions and at hydrostatic pressures up to 4.2 GPa in the temperature range from 65 to 300 K. Our results indicate that the Néel temperature of α-MnS increases up to room temperature by applying chemical (xFe) or weak hydrostatic pressure P. In Fe0.27Mn0.63S, the Néel temperature increases from 205(2) K (P=0) to 280(2) K (P=4.2 GPa) and the magnetization at 100 K decreases by a factor of 2.5 when increasing the hydrostatic pressure from 0 to 4.2 GPa.