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VOLUME 110 (2019) | ISSUE 12 | PAGE 797
On thermal Nieh-Yan anomaly in topological Weyl materials
We discuss the possibility of gravitational Nieh-Yan anomaly of the type \partial_\mu \tilde{j}^\mu_5 =\gamma T^2{\cal T}^a\wedge {\cal T}_a in topological Weyl materials, where T is temperature and {\cal T}^a is the effective or emergent torsion. As distinct from the non-universal parameter Λ in the conventional (zero temperature) Nieh-Yan anomaly - with canonical dimensions of momentum - the parameter γ is dimensionless. This suggests that the dimensionless parameter is fundamental, being determined by the geometry, topology and number of the number of chiral quantum fields without any explicit non-universal UV scales. This conforms with previous results in the literature, as well as spectral flow calculations using torsional magnetic field at finite temperature.