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VOLUME 112 | ISSUE 7 | PAGE 435
Collective nuclear vibrations and initial state shape fluctuations in central Pb + Pb collisions: resolving the v2 to v3 puzzle
We have studied, for the first time, the influence of the collective quantum effects in the nuclear wave functions on the azimuthal anisotropy coefficients ε2,3 in the central Pb + Pb collisions at the LHC energies. With the help of the energy weighted sum rule we demonstrate that the classical treatment with the Woods-Saxon nuclear density overestimates the mean square quadrupole moment of the 208Pb nucleus by a factor of {\sim} 2.2. The Monte-Carlo Glauber simulation of the central Pb + Pb collisions accounting for the restriction on the quadrupole moment leads to \epsilon_2/\epsilon_3\approx 0.8 which allows to resolve the v2-to-v3 puzzle.