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VOLUME 113 | ISSUE 10 | PAGE 695
Coalescence of Andreev bound states on the surface of a chiral topological semimetal
We experimentally investigate the magnetic field dependence of Andreev transport through a region of proximity-induced superconductivity in CoSi topological chiral semimetal. With increasing parallel to the CoSi surface magnetic field, the sharp subgap peaks, associated with Andreev bound states, move together to nearly-zero bias position, while there is only monotonic peaks suppression for normal to the surface fields. The zero-bias dV/dI resistance value is perfectly stable with changing the in-plane magnetic field. As the effects are qualitatively similar for In and Nb superconducting leads, they reflect the properties of a proximized CoSi surface. The Andreev states coalescence and stability of the zero-bias dV/dI value with increasing in-plane magnetic field are interpreted as the joined effect of the strong spin-orbit coupling and the Zeeman interaction, known for proximized semiconductor nanowires. We associate the observed magnetic field anisotropy with the recently predicted in-plane polarized spin texture of the Fermi arcs surface states.