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VOLUME 113 | ISSUE 11 | PAGE 727
Non-stationary spin-polarized tunneling through a quantum dot coupled to noncollinearly polarized ferromagnetic leads
Non-stationary spin-dependent transport through the interacting single-level quantum dot coupled to ferromagnetic leads with non-collinear magnetizations was analyzed theoretically. The non- stationary transport is investigated within the theoretical approach based on kinetic equations for the electron occupation numbers with different spins taking into account high order correlation functions for the localized electrons. It was demonstrated that spin polarization, direction and amplitude of the non-stationary currents could be effectively changed in a rather simple system by varying the relative directions of the magnetic moments in the leads. The degree of the currents spin polarization also changes following the direction of magnetic moments in the leads. The obtained results open a possibility for spin polarization control in nanoscale systems and are very promising in the sense of spin filtering.