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VOLUME 114 | ISSUE 6 | PAGE 358
Population transfer in a nitrogen-vacancy spin qutrit via shortcuts to adiabaticity with simplified drivings
Optimal control of quantum system is significant for information science and technology. Here an efficient scheme is proposed for implementing fast population transfer in a spin qutrit of nitrogen-vacancy center via shortcuts to adiabaticity (STA) with simplified drivings. At two-photon resonance, a Λ-configuration interaction between the spin qutrit and driving fields can be obtained effectively. By the invariant-based STA, the reversible population transfer can be realized using the Rabi pulses with sine and cosine waveforms. Compared with the superadiabatic transitionless driving, the present pulses in our strategy become simplified technically, contributing to reduce the error effect of control parameter deviations. Moreover, the high-fidelity quantum operations can be performed with the accessible decoherence rates. The protocol could offer an optimized avenue towards the STA-based quantum control of spin qutrit experimentally.