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VOLUME 114 | ISSUE 7 | PAGE 435
Plasmonic metasurface filter with full color sensitivity and narrow band-pass in visible region
Plasmonic metasurface filter has become a research hotspot in imaging field due to its color tunability, reliability, and multi-functionality. Herein, we have designed a metasurface filter with split ring resonator (SRR) dimer arrays etched on an aluminum layer, which presents plasmonic resonances ranging from 543 to 787 nm and 417 to 527 nm under x- and y-polarized white light illuminations, respectively. With tuning the geometric parameters including periodicity of the SRR arrays, SRR length and dimer gap distance, the metasurface filter realizes full color sensitivity, high transmission, and ultranarrow band-pass line-width. Furthermore, the metasurface filter exhibits dual functionality as tuning the SRR arm width. The transmission resonant wavelength is tunable under x-polarized illumination, while the transmission amplitude is controlled with \sim 92 % modulation depth under y-polarized illumination. The dual functionality is ascribed to the individual magnetic and electric responses of the SRR under orthogonally polarized illuminations. These results raise prospect of the plasmonic metasurface for tunable, compact, and on-chip filtering elements, promoting its potential in high-resolution imaging applications.