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VOLUME 59 | ISSUE 4 | PAGE 262
Superconductivity in YBa2Cu3Ox
Neutral oxygen, or the pairing of holes »>o Ο , is identified as the essential ingredient of superconductivity in YBa2^VL3^x"Fabrication" of superconducting ΥΒβ2θυ3θχ from semiconducting PrBa2CujO^ in a thought experiment or Gedankenexperimcnt leads to (i) prediction of the range of superconducting compositions 6.5< χ <7, (ii) an understanding of the two-stepped character of the critical temperature Tc(x), (iii) a natural explanation of photo-induced superconductivity, (iv) elucidation of the major doping studies, (v) a derivation of Tokura's empirical rule relating the critical oxygen composition xc of the alloy Y(JjeL2y^tL2-2y)^VL3®χ *° the critical La content yc~. xc6.5+ 2yc, and (vi) identification of the charge-reservoir layers (the layers containing the Cu-O chains) as the root of superconductivity.