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VOLUME 76 (2002) | ISSUE 9 | PAGE 660
Multicomponent dense electron gas as a model of Si MOSFET
PACS: 71.10.Ca, 73.43.Cd
We solve a 2D model of N-component dense electron gas in the limit N→ ∞ and in a range of the Coulomb interaction parameter: N^{-3/2}\ll r_s\ll 1. The quasiparticle interaction on the Fermi circle vanishes as \hbar^2/Nm. The ground state energy and the effective mass are found as series in powers of rs2/3. In the quantum Hall state on the lowest Landau level at integer filling: 1\ll\nu<N, the charge activation energy gap and the exchange constant are: \Delta=\log(r_s
N^{3/2})\hbar\omega_H/\nu and J=0.66 \hbar\omega_H/\nu.