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VOLUME 70 (1999) | ISSUE 9 | PAGE 601
Fermion zero modes on vortices in chiral superconductors
The energy levels of the fermions bound to the vortex core are considered for the general case of chiral superconductors. There are two classes of crural superconductivity: in the superconducting state of class I the axisymmetric singly quantized vortex has the same energy spectrum of bound states as in ί-wave superconductor: Ε = (η + 1/2)α>ο with integral η. In the class II the corresponding spectrum is Ε = nu>o and thus contains the state with exactly zero energy. The effect of a single impurity on the spectrum of bound state is also considered. For the class I the spectrum acquires the double period AE = 2ωο and consists of two equidistant sets of levels in accordance with Larkin and Ovchinnikov in Phys. Rev. B57, 5457 (1998) [1]. The spectrum is not influenced by a single impurity if the same approximation is applied for the class II states.