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VOLUME 82 (2005) | ISSUE 4 | PAGE 223
Type-IV Superconductivity: Cooper Pairs with Broken Inversion and Time-Reversal Symmetries in Conventional Superconductors
Vortex phase in a singlet superconductor in the absence of impurities is shown to be absolutely unstable with respect to the appearance of a triplet component which breaks both inversion and time-reversal symmetries of Cooper pairs. Symmetry breaking paramagnetic effects are demonstrated to be of the order of unity if the orbital upper critical field, Hc2(0), is of the order of Clogston paramagnetic limiting field, Hp. We suggest a generic phase diagram of such type-IV superconductor, which is singlet one at H=0 and characterized by mixed singlet-triplet order parameter with broken time-reversal symmetry in vortex phase. A possibility to observe type-IV superconductivity in clean organic, high-Tc, MgB2, and other superconductors is discussed.