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VOLUME 65 | ISSUE 4 | PAGE 341
On the magnetic field effect on the sound velocity of a dilute Kramers-ion glass at low temperature
Recent results on the magnetic field effect on the sound velocity V in aluminosilicate glasses doped with dysprosium are analyzed on the base of a minimal model for the ground state of Dy3+ (Kramers ion with J — 15/2) described by a wave function <p± ~ V±jm + *)V±1/2The first term represents the state with a large J projection on a local crystal field axis and the random parameter η ((tj) — 0, (t7z) <C 1) introduces a small admixture of the state ¥>±l/2 into the ground one. A relative V variation due to resonance interaction of sound waves with this state split ted by Η is determined as a function of Η and T. It possess an universal asymptotic behavior. Our results are in a reasonable agreement with the experiment. Possible structure of the crystal fields that can induce this state is discussed. PACS: 75.50.Kj