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Comments in JETP Letters

JETP Letters journal publishes brief Comments on papers that appeared earlier in our journal. The authors of the subject paper can write a reply to the Comment. If a Comment and Reply are justified and interesting, they will be published simultaneously. The editors will not excessively delay the publication of a suitable Comment because of the lack of an adequate Reply. If a Comment meets our criteria, it will be published regardless of whether an authors' Reply is received or not. The editors will not accept a Comment on a paper, written by any of the authors of the paper. Comments and Replies are limited in size by one journal page (including figures), an abstract is not required. If desired, the authors can place on the journal site the supplementary material, according to the general rules (see the relevant section).

A Comment should correct or criticize a specific paper. The opening paragraph of the Comment should clearly indicate the paper to which it is directed, and the point of the Comment. The Comment must address predominantly the substance of the paper being commented, not to its' form or style of presentation, and not simply contain a discussion of a general topic. The Comment format is not meant to be a vehicle for addenda. Neither are Comments intended as a means to establish priorities or to rectify bibliographic oversights. Critical Comments must be written in a collegial tone; polemical Comments will be rejected forthwith. Authors' Reply, to be suitable for publication, also must be written in a collegial style and be free from polemic.

Each Comment is sent to the author of the subject paper and following responses are requested:

  1. Is the Comment appropriate for publication without a Reply?
  2. Is a Reply to the Comment submitted for possible simultaneous publication?
  3. Does the Comment seem sufficiently relevant to the paper? (If not, a detailed reasoning is necessary.)

The author of the paper is not asked to review the Comment as an anonymous referee. The editors will consult an independent, anonymous referee if they deem it useful in determining the suitability for publication of the Comment and/or Reply.

Authors of a Comment are encouraged to send their Comment first to the authors of the paper in question for a direct response, although the editors do not require such a step. Replies are shown to the authors of the Comment prior to publication. Substantial revision of a Comment in response to the Reply will usually be interpreted by the editors as a sign that the Comment was misconceived, and might be cause for a rejection of the Comment. The editors do not consider Comments in response to the authors Reply.