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VOLUME 67 (1998) | ISSUE 7 | PAGE 502
Vortex mass in BCS systems: Kopnin and Baym-Chandler contributions
The Kopnin mass and the Baym-Chandler mass of the vortex have the same origin. Both represent the mass of the normal component trapped by the vortex. The Kopnin mass of the vortex is formed by quasiparticles localized in the vicinity of the vortex. In the superclean limit it is calculated as linear response, exactly in the same way as the density of the normal component is calculated in homogeneous superfluid. The Baym-Chandler mass is the hydrodynamical (associated) mass trapped by vortex. It is analogous to the normal component formed by inhomogeneities, such as pores and impurities. Both contributions are calculated for the generic model of the continuous vortex core.