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VOLUME 66 (1997) | ISSUE 3 | PAGE 134
The BFKL-Regge phenomenology of deep inelastic scattering
We calculate the Regge trajectories of the subleading BFKL singularities and eigenfunctions for the running BFKL pomeron in the color dipole representation. We obtain a viable BFKL-Regge expansion of the proton structure function F2p(x,Q2) in terms of several rightmost BFKL singularities. We find large subleading contributions to Fip(x, Q2) in the HERA kinematical region which explains the lack of a predictive power of GLDAP-extrapolations of F2r(x,Q*) to a domain of small x. We point out the relation of our early finding of the precocious BFKL asymptotics to the nodal structure of subleading BFKL eigenfunctions. PACS: 12.38.-t. 13.60.-r