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VOLUME 82 (2005) | ISSUE 10 | PAGE 706
The hydraulic jump as a white hole
In the geometry of the circular hydraulic jump, the velocity of the liquid in the interior region exceeds the speed of capillary-gravity waves (ripplons), whose spectrum is `relativistic' in the shallow water limit. The velocity flow is radial and outward, and thus the relativistic ripplons cannot propagate into the interior region. In terms of the effective 2+1 dimensional Painlevé-Gullstrand metric appropriate for the propagating ripplons, the interior region imitates the white hole. The hydraulic jump represents the physical singularity at the white-hole horizon. The instability of the vacuum in the ergoregion inside the circular hydraulic jump and its observation in recent experiments on superfluid 4He by Rolley, Guthmann, Pettersen and Chevallier [10vol-Pettersen] are discussed.