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VOLUME 84 (2006) | ISSUE 12 | PAGE 780
Critical behavior of transport and magnetotransport in 2D electron system in Si in the vicinity of the metal-insulator transition
We report on studies of the magnetoresistance in strongly correlated 2D electron system in Si in the critical regime, in the close vicinity of the 2D metal-insulator transition. We performed self-consistent comparison of our data with solutions of two equations of the cross-over renormalization group (CRG) theory, which describes temperature evolutions of the resistivity and interaction parameters for 2D electron system. We found a good agreement between the \rho(T,B_\parallel) data and the RG theory in a wide range of the in-plane fields, 0-2.1 T. This agreement supports the interpretation of the observed 2D MIT as the true quantum phase transition.