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VOLUME 49 (1989) | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Nikolaev G. N., Anomalous absorption of light by a microscopic particle 1  (3)
Alikaev V. V. , Gorelov Yu. A., Ivanov D. P. , Il'in V. I., Kislov A. Ya., Kovrov P. E. , Stefanovskii A. M., Shcherbak A. F. , Khvostenko P. P. , Chistyakov V. V. , Current drive by electron-cyclotron and lower hybrid waves in the T-7 tokamak 4  (6)
Pavlenko V. P. , Petviashvili V. I., Taranov V. B., Dissipative amplification of flute vortices in a plasma 9  (10)
Bykov A. A. , Gusev G. M. , Kvon Z. D., Lubyshev D. I., Migal' V. P., Photovoltaic effect in a mesoscopic system 13  (13)
Ponosov Yu. S. , Bolotin G. A., Raman effect in La2-xSrxCuO4 16  (16)
Al'perovich V. L. , Minaev A. O., Terekhov A. S., Magnetically induced polarization-dependent ballistic photo-emf in a semiconductor-metal structure 20  (19)
Danilov V. P. , Murina T. M., Prokhorov A. M. , Schmid D., Schwan L. , Schiller A. , Formation of high-energy states of mercury-like ions in alkali halide crystals during electron-hole recombination 24  (21)
Abel' E. V. , Bagaev V. S., Basov D. N., Golovashkin A. I., Krasnosvobodtsev S. I. , Pechen' E. V., Plotnikov A. F., Poyarkov A. G. , Study of the energy gap in thin films of a high-Tc superconductor 26  (23)
Yakobson B. I. , Velocity and structure of the breakup of a crystal during thermal decomposition 31  (27)
Balandin V. A. , Gurovich E. V., Kashitsyn A. S., Pasechnik S. V., Shmelev O. Ya., Critical absorption of first sound near the smectic A-smectic C phase transition 34  (30)
Ivanov A. L. , Panashchenko V. V., New mechanism for exciton-biexciton changes in the spectra of a semiconductor in a polariton pump wave 39  (34)
Cherkasov F. G. , Vitol A. Ya., Galyautdinov M. F. , Manifestation of a tunneling effect in the electron spin resonance of small potassium particles 43  (37)
Andreev B. A. , Ikonnikov V. B., Kozlov E. B., Lifshitz T. M., Shmagin V. B., Intensity of extrinsic optical transitions in phosphorus-doped silicon 46  (39)
Kulik I.O. , Moskalets M. V., Shekhter R.I. , Yanson I. K. , Spectroscopy of electron-phonon interaction in point contacts with a barrier layer 50  (42)
Kuokshtis E. , Cruz J., van Oriel H. M. , Plasma resonance of high-density nonequilibrium carriers in GaSe single crystals 54  (46)
Ginzburg V. L. , Convective heat transfer and other thermoelectric effects in high-temperature superconductors 58  (50)
Kazakovtsev D. V. , Maksimov A. A., Pronin D. A., Tartakovskii I.I. , Relaxation of rf acoustic phonons 61  (52)
Volovik G. E. , Solov'ev A. , Yakovenko V. M. , Spin and statistics of soliton in a superfluid 3He-A film 65  (55)
Gasparov L. V. , Kulakovskii V. D., Misochko O. V., Timofeev V. B., Kolesnikov N. N., Kulakov M. P., Raman scattering in single crystals of Tl-Ba-Ca-Cu-O superconductors 68  (58)
Osip'yan Yu. A., Zharikov O. V., Novikov G. V., Sidorov N. S., Kulakov V. I., Sipavina L. V., Nikolaev R. K., Gromov A. M., Observation of superconductivity in a bromine- and iodine-doped Y-Ba-Cu-O ceramic 73  (61)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.