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VOLUME 53 (1991) | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Kravtsov A. V., Solyakin G. E., Estimate of the lifetime of massive nuclear-unstable fission fragments of 238U nuclei split by 1-GeV protons 403  (385)
Fayans S. A., Giant resonances at the threshold of the continuum: New soft mode in nuclei 407  (389)
Kamerdzhiev S. P., Termychnyi G. Ya., Calculations of the F1 resonance in 48Ca in the 1P 1H+ 2 P2 P2H+continuum approximation 412  (393)
Il'inskii Yu. A., Mikheev G. M., Observation of stimulated Raman scattering in a waveguide induced with vibrational excitation of hydrogen molecules 416  (397)
Sazonov S. V., Saturation of coherent amplification of ultrashort pulses in an inverted medium 420  (400)
Kolomenskii Al. A., Maznev A. A., Observation of phonon focusing with pulsed laser excitation of surface acoustic waves in silicon 423  (403)
Bykov A. A., Gusev G. M., Kvon Z. D., Kudryashev V. M., Plyukhin V. G., Microwave photoconductivity in a two-dimensional system with a periodic potential of antipoint contacts 427  (407)
Lashkarev G. V., Radchenko M. V., Parenskaya E. S., Nikitin M. S., Rastegin Yu. I., Reversal of the sign of thermoelectric power in n-Cd0.2Hg0.8Te in a quantizing magnetic field 432  (411)
Borukhovich A. S., Sukhov V. A., Single-particle tunneling through an EuS barrier 434  (413)
Tomin V. I., Shneerson V. L., Orientation of the excited molecules of a solution during configurational relaxation 439  (417)
Apal'kov V. M., Rashba E. I., Magnetospectroscopy of 2D electron gas: Cusps in emission spectra and Coulomb gaps 442  (420)
Buhmann H., Joss W., Kukushkin I. V., Timofeev V. B., von Klitzing K., Plaut A. S., Ploog K., Martinez G., Determination of the Coulomb gaps under the conditions of fractional quantum Hall effect by the magnetoluminescence method 449  (426)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.