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VOLUME 55 (1992) | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Bandos I. A., Zheltukhin A. A., Generalization of Newman-Penrose dyads in connection with the action integral for supermembranes in an 11-dimensional space 81  (81)
Alfimenkov V. P., Strelkov A. V., Shvetsov V. N., Nesvizhevskii V. V., Serebrov A. P., Tal'daev R. R., Kharitonov A. G., Anomalous interaction of ultracold neutrons with the surface of a beryllium trap 84  (92)
Gagarin Yu. F., Dvoryanchikov Ya. V., Dergachev V. A., Lobakov A. P., Lyagushin V. I., Ovchinnikova A. Yu., Solov'ev A. V., Khilyuto I. G., Yakubovskii E. A., Observation of anomalously high flux densities of low-energy heavy nuclei on the Salyut-6, Salyut-7, and Mir orbital stations 88  (95)
Kiselev Yu. F., Popov S. A., Fedorov A. N., Method for calculating polarization and alignment from the NMR spectrum of polarized deuterons 92  (99)
Glushkov A. V., Negative ions of inert gases 97  (104)
Baran N. P., Maksimenko V. M., Semenov Yu. G., Bratus' V. Ya., Markov A. V., Electric-dipole spin transition of the neutral acceptor MnGa0 in GaAs 101  (108)
Boiko M. P., Nikorich A. V., Guerrero M. E., Antiferromagnetic interaction of conduction electrons with local magnetic moments in Pb1-xMnxTe 106  (113)
Khodel' V. A., Shaginyan V. R., Fermi-condensate phase transition in a low-density electron gas 110  (117)
Denisov Yu. V., Rylev A. P., Mavrin B. N., Podobedov V. B., Kirilenko I. A., Opalescence during low-temperature structural transitions in inorganic glasses 115  (121)
Dolzhenko D. E., Ivanchik I.I., Nikorich A. V., Khokhlov D. R., Chesnokov S. N., Microwave resonance of delayed photoconductivity in Pb1-xSnxTe(In) 119  (125)
Gusev G. M., Kvon Z. D., Litvin L. V., Nastaushev Yu. V., Kalagin A. K., Toropov A. I., Aharonov Bohm oscillations in a 2D electron gas with a periodic lattice of scatterers 123  (129)
Zavaritskii N. V., Samoilov A. V., Yurgens A. A., Anisotropy of the magnetothermoelectric power of high-Tc superconducting single crystals in the mixed state: Role of the coherence length 127  (133)
Shul'ga Yu. M., Moravskii A. P., Lobach A. S., Rubtsov V. I., Characteristic loss spectrum accompanying the C1s photoelectron peak of the fullerene C60 132  (137)
Zaitsev R. O., Phase diagram of the compounds Ln2-xCexCuO4 135  (141)
Dolgopolov V. T., Kravchenko G. V., Shashkin A. A., Percolation metal-insulator transition in 2D electron gas of SI MOSFET under the ultra-quantum limit condition 140  (146)
Shul'ga N. F., Syshchenko V. V., Erratum: Polarization of incoherent emission by relativistic electrons and positrons in a crystal [JETP Lett. 54, No. 9, 529-532 (10 November 1991)] 144  (150)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.