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VOLUME 32 (1980) | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Ol'shanetskii B. Z., Rzhanov A. V., One-dimensional periodic structure on high-index silicon surfaces 313  (337)
Denisov V. N., Mavrin B. N., Podobedov V. B., Sterin Kh. E., Hyper-Raman scattering by polaritons in fused quartz 316  (340)
Gershenzon E. M. , Zayats V. A., Mel'nikov A. P. , Rabinovich R. I. , Serebryakova N. A., Tovmach Yu. V. , Observation of the delocalization threshold of the H- - like states of impurity centers in doped semiconductors 320  (344)
Levin V. M., Mazur M. M., Pustovoit V. I., Acousto-optical analog of the Borman effect in semiconductors 323  (348)
Pikus G. E., Averkiev N. S., Fine structure of the levels of a bound exciton and multiexciton complexes in germanium 328  (352)
Bagaev V. S., Bonch-Osmolovskii M. M., Galkina T. I., Keldysh L. V., Poyarkov A. G., Entrainment of electron-hole drops by a strain pulse produced as a result of laser irradiation of germanium 332  (356)
Gurzhi R.N., Kopeliovich A. I. , Rutkevich S. B., Electrical conductivity of two-dimensional metallic systems R. 336  (360)
Slutskin A. A., Kadigrobov A. M., New type of quantum size effects in metals produced as a result of multichannel specular reflection (MSR) of electrons from the boundaries of a sample. 338  (363)
Ovsyuk N. N., Sinyukov M. P., Effect of quantization on electrical-reflection spectra in the surface region of a semiconductor 342  (366)
Kvon Z. D. , Neizvestnyi I. G., Ovsyuk V. N. , Yagunova G. A. , Charge-carrier transport anisotropy in the inversion channels on high-index silicon surfaces 346  (370)
Maksimov A. A., Tartakovskii A. A. , Detection of nonequilibrium phonons by means of resonance Raman scattering (RS) of light 349  (374)
Sushkov O. P., Flambaum V. V., Possibility of observing parity nonconservation in neutron optics 352  (377)
Bochek G. L. , Grishaev I. A. , Kovalenko G. D. , Kulibaba V. I. , Bremsstrahlung spectra of 1.2-GeV electrons in a silicon single crystal at an angle 0 = 1.7 x 102 radian 355  (380)
Barabanov I.R., Veretenkin E. P., Gavrin V. N., Zakharov Yu. I., Zatsepin G. T. , Novikova G. Ya., Orekhov I. V., Churmaeva M. I., Verification of the law of conservation of electric charge 359  (384)
Gorbenko V. G., Zhebrovskii Yu. V., Kolesnikov L. Ya., Rubashkin A. L., Sorokin P. V., Asymmetry of the cross section for disintegration reaction of a deuteron polarized by 80 to 600 MeV photons 362  (387)
Budnev N.M., Orlov A.I., ρ'(1250) meson in the e+e annihilation 365  (390)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.