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VOLUME 86 (2007) | ISSUE 7 | PAGE 504
Materializing Superghosts
We construct the off-shell Batalin-Vilkovysky (BV) realization of \mathcal{N}=1, d=10 Super-Yang-Milk (SYM) with 7 auxillary fields. This becomes possible due to materialized ghost phenomenon. Namely, supersymmetry ghosts are coordinates on a manifold B of 10-dimensional spinors with pure spinors cut out. Auxillary fields are sections of a bundle over B, and supersymmetry transformations are nonlinear in ghosts. By integrating out axillary fields we obtain on-shell supersymmetric BV action with terms quadratic in antifields. Exactly this on-shell BV action was obtained in our previous paper after integration out of auxiliary fields in the framework of Pure Spinor Superfield Formalism.