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VOLUME 88 (2008) | ISSUE 3 | PAGE 234
Paramagnetic intrinsic Meissner effect in a bulk
We calculate a free energy of a quasi-two-dimensional (Q2D) superconductor with \xi_{\perp} < d in a parallel magnetic field, where \xi_{\perp} is a perpendicular to the conducting layers coherence length and d is an interlayers distance. It is shown to be different from that in the famous Lawrence-Doniach model. In particular, at high enough magnetic fields, the Meissner currents are found to create an unexpected paramagnetic moment due to shrinking of the Cooper pairs "sizes" in a direction perpendicular to the conducting layers. We suggest to measure this paramagnetic intrinsic Meissner effect in Q2D superconductors and superconducting super-lattices.