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VOLUME 108 (2018) | ISSUE 11 | PAGE 779
Two-qubit operation on Majorana qubits in ordinary-qubit chains
Majorana zero modes can be simulated in structures based on spin or quasi-spin degrees of freedom, e.g., Josephson-qubit chains. Braiding of Majorana degrees of freedom is realized using T-junctions supplied with an auxiliary spin (ancilla). Motivated by prospective experiments, we analyze the braiding in the spin representation, which provides the basis for the analysis of imperfections characteristic to the spin and qubit designs. The result of the braiding operation is straightforwardly found for the initial basis states of the two qubits and the ancilla, up to phase factors. Here we fix these phase factors and thus describe the complete two-qubit operation. This result is relevant for physical simulation of the Majorana qubits in Josephson-qubit chains and other spin or qubit structures.