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VOLUME 114 | ISSUE 10 | PAGE 657
Stochastization of long living spin-cyclotron excitations in a spin-unpolarised quantum Hall system
In the present study we address the kinetics of long-lived excitations at zero temperature in an electronic quantum Hall system with filling factor ν=2. The initial coherent state of spin-cyclotron magnetoexitons with two-dimensional wave vector  q=0 resulting from laser pumping is stochastized over time due to emission of acoustic phonons. The elementary emission process requires participation of two magnetoexitons, so the effective rate of phonon emission is proportional to the excitation density squared, and the stochastization process occurs nonexponentially with time. The final distribution of magnetoexitons over 2D momenta, established as a result of stochastization, is compared with equilibrium distribution at finite temperature.